Aside from the fact that subtitling is an effective medium for translation, it is also ideal for people with hearing impairments.

Currently, approximately 10 percent of the Dutch population is deaf or hard-of-hearing. This percentage is expected to rise in the near future. This is primarily due to age-related hearing loss, young people with hearing impairments (usually as a result of loud concerts and/or the excessive use of headphones), and last but not least a large group of people with congenital hearing impairments.

Unfortunately, too many productions in the Dutch language still do not include same-language subtitles, which would have enormous added valued for this particular target group.

With this in mind, we sponsor a number of projects that are trying to draw attention to this and generate support.

Do you have a fun / beautiful project that you need help with? Do let us know!

Joint effort with Cinema Het Ketelhuis

We have started a project with Cinema Het Ketelhuis and Gofilex. Every month a new Dutch film is shown in Het Ketelhuis that we have provided with special subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

We participate in this project, because this particular target group for films is (still) not being attended to properly. With this initiative we hope to generate sufficient support so that more producers will make it standard practice to provide special subtitles for their films.

Would you like to know more about this project and which films are in the offing?

Sign along with K3

Rosanne van Esch is a sign language instructor. Besides her ‘normal’ job as a sign language instructor, she develops all sorts of initiatives for the benefit of people with hearing difficulties. In that capacity, she initiated in the project ‘Sign along with K3’, where she plays a leading role by signing along with the songs in K3 music videos.

She ended up releasing a beautiful DVD of the songs, which Subs Media also provided with Dutch subtitles for extra support.